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What actual Cortex users are saying:
“It's a very nice program that enhances my gaming experience! Good job for this one, Razer!”

One Launcher for All Your Games

With games from Steam, Origin, GOG.com, and even those installed via CD-ROM, playing one often requires you to start up multiple game clients separately. Razer Cortex: Launch organizes all your titles in one place so you don’t have to spend time searching, simply by automatically scanning your system for games. Once you select a game from the library, Cortex: Launch automatically starts both the corresponding client and game for you, just like that.

Access Your Save Game Files from Anywhere

Usual save game backup only gives you access to your save game files. Razer Cortex: Save Game Manager takes it a step further, by saving your mods and addons as well, all onto your favorite cloud storage service whenever you save your game progress. This way, whether you’re gaming at a LAN café or on a friend’s computer, you can simply pick up where you’ve left off, without having to waste time downloading or reconfiguring.

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What actual Cortex users are saying:
“It's an awesome software that's not intrusive for the user and I love it.”

Made Specifically for Gamers

Though every gamer is unique, there are some things that are shared. Such as a passion for gaming, and the need to constantly improve. Cortex is a collection of game tools made for a variety of PC gaming systems, and more importantly, gamers. In order to constantly make it easier for gamers like yourself to focus on the game, feedback from the community is always being considered and integrated into Cortex, so it evolves to become an even more effective companion for everyone.

Getting Started


What does Razer Cortex: Save Game Manager do?
Cortex: Save Game Manager automatically backs up your save games to the cloud storage service of your preference.
Will Razer Cortex: Save Game Manager make my game run slower?
Cortex: Save Game Manager only kicks in when you exit a game so that your PC’s processing power stays focused on your game while you play.
Why should I use Razer Cortex: Save Game Manager when some games already offer cloud saving?
Most games only back up your save games and offer a limited amount of storage. Cortex: Save Game Manager also backs up your addons as well as mods, and can run concurrently with your game’s save game feature without any conflict. With the ability to add multiple save game locations per game you can back up settings or even mod files to the cloud without any storage limits per game.